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Hey, hi, and how do you do? I'm Thai Sirikoone.

I'm a communication professional who has experience in writing, photography, video, graphics, social media and more.

I hold a Bachelor of Communications Studies degree from MacEwan University and am always building my skills for whatever challenge I rise up to. In the past I've worked in marketing, journalism, esports, public speaking, and various volunteer positions. Hate to sound like I'm bragging, but I think I do a pretty good job.

Whether I'm working on a job or personal projects, I enjoy collaborating with teams in order to hone final products the best I can. I’ve been able to specialize in a wide range of communication tools that can help brands and businesses blossom. 

If you wanna get into the details, hit me up for my resume!

Right now, I'm learning how to podcast, write novels, and a buncha other stuff too. Thanks for reading, yo!

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